Fterra: The Peculiar Village Watching Over The Albanian Riviera

Fterra is a peculiar and intriguing village situated in the interior of the southern Albanian Riviera. It stands at the foot of the Fterra mountain, some 200-250 meters (656-820 miles) above sea level. The location belongs to the Lower Kurvelesh region, some 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northeast of the coastal town of Borsh. As of 2015, the village is part […]

Albanian Villages: Top 10 Villages to Visit in Albania

Albanian villages still preserve values from the nation’s tradition as well as different cultures that clashed in the area. Some occupy remote hills, others face beautiful coastlines: these are Albania’s top 10 villages.   1. Lin Lin is a pleasant village located on a small peninsula in the western shore of Lake Ohrid. The houses are erected in simple fashion with […]