Devoll River: A Dynamic Waterway & Cultural Influencer

The Devoll River steams from the Gramoz mountain in southeastern Albania, close to the Greek-Albanian border. Devoll is 196 km (122 mi) long from its source to its joint point with the Osum River. Along with Osum, Devoll is one of the two main source rivers of the Seman river. The Course Of The Devoll River Mollas is the first […]

Albanian Rivers: Top 10 Rivers to Spot in Albania

Albanian rivers are among the wildest in Europe, although they are increasingly threatened by irresponsible human activities and shady development projects. They make the Albanian Republic one of the countries with the highest freshwater volume in the continent; here are Albania’s most important fresh water highways. 1. Vjosa (272 km/ 169 mi) Vjosa (with a total length of 272 kilometers […]