Sulejman Demollari: Modern Midfielder Of Albania

Sulejman Demollari, also known as Sul Demollari, was born in 1964 in Tirana. He is considered one of the best Albanian football players of the democratic transition period. The talented Albanian midfielder became a football icon of the 90s football generation.   Sulejman Demollari is among the most diverse midfielders to wear the Albanian national jersey. Apart from playing as a […]

Qemal Vogli: The All-time Finest Albanian Goalkeeper

Many consider Qemal Vogli (1929-2004) the best Albanian goalkeeper ever. He was born in the small city of Kavajë, where he made his first steps in football. At 1.87 meters tall (6.1 feet), the notable goalkeeper was imposing enough to stand at the foundation of a good, solid defense. Vogli had the same age as the famous Russian goalkeeper Lev […]