Loro Boriçi Stadium: A Key Sports Venue in Northern Albania

Loro Boriçi stadium is a multi-purpose sports venue located in the northern Albanian city of Shkodra. It primarily hosts football (soccer) matches, namely the home matches of KF Vllaznia (the most popular football club in northern Albania). This venue is the second largest stadium in Albania. The Upgrade Of Loro Boriçi Stadium The first construction works for the main stadium […]

“Niko Dovana” Stadium: Durrës’ Main Sports Venue

Niko Dovana stadium is the largest sports facility in the coastal city of Durrës, Albania. It mainly hosts football matches and serves as the home ground of the local team KF Teuta. The stadium has a total seated capacity of 12,040, making it currently the sixth largest in Albania. A running track intended for athletes surrounds the football pitch. A […]

Elbasan Arena: An Essential Sports Infrastructure

Elbasan Arena is a stadium located in the city of Elbasan. It commonly hosts football matches of the Albanian national football team and KF Elbasani (football club). A Short Story of the Venue Elbasan Arena, constructed in 1967, was a small, modest stadium. It was then called Ruzhdi Bizhuta in honor of one of the most notable players of KF […]

Partizani Stadium: A Multi-functional Sports Venue in Tirana

The Partizani stadium stands on a terrain previously owned by the Albanian Ministry of the Interior. The latter gave it officially to the football club on 9 March 2016 for only a € 1 lease and a 99-year tenure. The total awarded surface is substantial and reaches 37,000 km2. As a result of this procedure, the club was able to […]

Albanian Stadiums: Top 10 Stadiums to Attend in Albania

Albanian stadiums are catching up to the modern infrastructure of their European counterparts. Some of them are in the process of total reconstructions while others are being built from the ground up; here are top Albanian stadiums to attend. 1. Air Albania Stadium (21,690) Air Albania Stadium is an inner-city multipurpose venue in Tirana. It’s the largest football stadium in […]