Albanian Painters: Names of Top Historic Painters You Ought to Know

Works of Albanian painters are often overlooked by critics though many of them deserve special credit. In their work throughout history, Albanian painters have challenged decades of oppression and censorship to deliver the best artworks to their audiences; below are some short bios of Albania’s most resilient and remarkable painters-ranked in no particular order. 1. Kolë Idromeno (1860-1939) Kolë Idromeno […]

Albanian Paintings: Top 10 Masterpieces to Discover in Albania

Albanian paintings date back since ancient times but names of artists appear only during Medieval times. From then this art has developed with interruptions and suppression, with iconic paintings leaving their marks in national identity; here are the top Albanian paintings of all times.  1. Sister Tone (Motra Tone), 1883 – Kolë Idromeno (1860-1939) The portrait “Motra Tone” is Albania’s […]