Skënderbeu Stadium: A Welcoming Venue in Korçë  

Skënderbeu Stadium is in the city of Korçë, at Gjergj Kastrioti road, 7001. It belongs to the local team of KF Skënderbeu. The stadium includes a small covered stand, 105×68 meters (344×223 ft.) football pitch made of natural grass, and an athletic track.  Facts from the pre-90s era  Skënderbeu Stadium opened in 1957. The local team achieved its first victory […]

Loro Boriçi Stadium: A Key Sports Venue in Northern Albania

Loro Boriçi stadium is a multi-purpose sports venue located in the northern Albanian city of Shkodra. It primarily hosts football (soccer) matches, namely the home matches of KF Vllaznia (the most popular football club in northern Albania). This venue is the second largest stadium in Albania. The Upgrade Of Loro Boriçi Stadium The first construction works for the main stadium […]

“Niko Dovana” Stadium: Durrës’ Main Sports Venue

Niko Dovana stadium is the largest sports facility in the coastal city of Durrës, Albania. It mainly hosts football matches and serves as the home ground of the local team KF Teuta. The stadium has a total seated capacity of 12,040, making it currently the sixth largest in Albania. A running track intended for athletes surrounds the football pitch. A […]

Elbasan Arena: An Essential Sports Infrastructure

Elbasan Arena is a stadium located in the city of Elbasan. It commonly hosts football matches of the Albanian national football team and KF Elbasani (football club). A Short Story of the Venue Elbasan Arena, constructed in 1967, was a small, modest stadium. It was then called Ruzhdi Bizhuta in honor of one of the most notable players of KF […]

Baks-Rrjoll: A Small Town Gifted With Great Natural Wonders

The village of Baks-Rrjoll is in the southeastern part of Velipoja town, 30 km (19 miles) away from Shkodra. It occupies a versatile coastal habitat filled with natural dunes, alluvial forests, temporary ponds, wetlands, agricultural lands, and a sandy beach.  The main natural highlights in the Baks-Rrjoll area are the lofty and low mountain of Rrenci and the Lagoon of […]

Dardhë: An Inspiring Village That Defines Regional History

The village of Dardhë (or Dardha) sits at an impressive altitude of 1,344 meters above sea level (4,409 feet). This town stands in-between mountains filled with forests, paths, and creeks. Thus, Dardha represents an ideal winter destination. Only 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the southeastern city of Korça, Dardhë has its uncontested place in all local tourist guides.  Dardhë Inspired […]

Theth: The Iconic Town Of The Albanian Alps

Theth village is a small and attractive community in the Albanian Alps. Visitors consider the town as having an immense beauty of unmatched stature in the Albanian nation. The northern village of Theth holds the key to the legendary Albanian Alps and is the core of the Theth National Park.  A Short Story Of Theth The village of Theth appeared […]

Voskopoja: A Living Testimony of a Great Civilization

Voskopoja is a village in southeast Albania that stands at an altitude of 1,160 meters above sea level (3,806 feet). This village, 21 kilometers (13 miles) from the city of Korça, was once the most splendid civilization of the Balkans. This community reached its splendor in 1764 when it had about 30,000 people; the first post-Byzantine orphanage; the second printing […]

Fterra: The Peculiar Village Watching Over The Albanian Riviera

Fterra is a peculiar and intriguing village situated in the interior of the southern Albanian Riviera. It stands at the foot of the Fterra mountain, some 200-250 meters (656-820 miles) above sea level. The location belongs to the Lower Kurvelesh region, some 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northeast of the coastal town of Borsh. As of 2015, the village is part […]

Lin Village: The Precious Gem in the Ohrid Lake

Lin is a small, picturesque village on an isthmus washed by the waters of the Ohrid lake. It is easily accessible along the Elbasan-Lin-Pogradec road. This fishing village offers a chilling, relaxing, and charming atmosphere that inspires and rejuvenates visitors. With its simplicity, Lin lets nature speak first and awaits artists and tourists who seek new inspiring images and memories. […]