Dimal: An Intriguing City Where Civilizations Clashed

The Illyrian city of Dimal (or Dimallum) was apparently founded sometime during the first half of the IV-th century B.C.E. However, Hammond (1968) credits Pyrrhus of Epirus or his successors for the foundation of Dimal. The Epirote ruler may have established a city here sometime in 290 B.C.E. The theory that credits Pyrrhus with the foundation of Dimal deserves attention […]

Albanian Villages: Top 10 Villages to Visit in Albania

Albanian villages still preserve values from the nation’s tradition as well as different cultures that clashed in the area. Some occupy remote hills, others face beautiful coastlines: these are Albania’s top 10 villages.   1. Lin Lin is a pleasant village located on a small peninsula in the western shore of Lake Ohrid. The houses are erected in simple fashion with […]

Albanian Wildlife: Top 10 Animals That Roam in Albania

Albanian wildlife is rich in mid-size mammals and flying species. However, most of these precious creatures are endangered and serious measures are required to conserve them and their habitats: here are the most authentic species that roam across Albania. 1. Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) The golden eagle is a national symbol of Albania, a country also known as the “land […]

Apollonia: the Mighty Colony in Illyria

Apollonia was one of the most powerful Hellenic colonies in the Adriatic. It occupied a strategic position allowing for communication with the Illyrian, Greek, and Roman world. Thus, it led to notable economic prosperity but also put the city, on several occasions, in the midst of inter-state conflicts.  Early Development Apollonia was founded in about 620 B.C.E., as a Corinthian […]

Albanian Stadiums: Top 10 Stadiums to Attend in Albania

Albanian stadiums are catching up to the modern infrastructure of their European counterparts. Some of them are in the process of total reconstructions while others are being built from the ground up; here are top Albanian stadiums to attend. 1. Air Albania Stadium (22,500) Air Albania Stadium is an inner-city multipurpose venue in Tirana. It’s the largest football stadium in […]

Bylis: City of Mosaics

Bylis was an Illyrian city inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of the Bylines. The earliest literary source related to the Bylis region belongs to “Periplus” of Pseudo-Scylax (Scyl. XXVII) compiled around 380 B.C.E. In a passage, the author infers the presence of a joint koinon (league) that involved the tribes of the Bylines and the neighboring tribe of the Amantes. […]

Albanian Food: Top 10 Traditional Dishes to Try in Albania

Albanian food reflects old gastronomic traditions of various cultures mostly focusing on Mediterranean flavors. Countless authentic dishes make up the Albanian cuisine; each region offering their own spin; among many recipes, these are the most popular dishes to try in Albania.  1. Byrek Byrek is an iconic salty Albanian pie (albeit it draws inspiration from Ottoman/Turkish cuisine). Thinly rolled dough […]

Albanian Rivers: Top 10 Rivers to Spot in Albania

Albanian rivers are among the wildest in Europe, although they are increasingly threatened by irresponsible human activities and shady development projects. They make the Albanian Republic one of the countries with the highest freshwater volume in the continent; here are Albania’s most important fresh water highways. 1. Vjosa (272 km/ 169 mi) Vjosa (with a total length of 272 kilometers […]

Albanian Castles: Top 10 Castles to Visit in Albania

Albanian castles are among the oldest in the Balkans. Countless old castles and fortifications pop up across the country, best representing its rich heritage; here is a breakdown of Albania’s most important castles. 1. Castle of Kruja Castle of Kruja is one of the most visited cultural sites in Albania. This mighty fortress served as the epicenter of Gjergj Castriot’s […]