Lëpushë: A Sublime Town at the Core of the Albanian Alps

Lëpushë is one of the most charming mountainous villages in Albania. It is located 1,270 meters above sea level (4,167 feet), deep into the northern Albanian Alps. The surroundings are spectacular, dotted by the Alpine trees and plants of the Sheniku block, part of a wide area called Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains). The Journey To Lëpushë The village of […]

Partizani Stadium: A Multi-functional Sports Venue in Tirana

The Partizani stadium stands on a terrain previously owned by the Albanian Ministry of the Interior. The latter gave it officially to the football club on 9 March 2016 for only a € 1 lease and a 99-year tenure. The total awarded surface is substantial and reaches 37,000 km2. As a result of this procedure, the club was able to […]

Shala River: Awe-Inspiring River In Secluded Alps

Shala River, also called Shalë, steams from the northern Albanian Alps at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level (3,120 feet above sea level). This river is 37 km (23 mi) long from its source to its outlet in the Drin River. Despite the short length, many natural beauties and attractions dot the river course.  The Course Of Shala […]

All-Time Top Albanian Football Players

Albania, as a football association, was established in 1930. In 1932, the Football Association of Albania became part of FIFA and a founding member of UEFA in 1954. From 1936 onwards, the Albanian male team competed in competitions eligible for UEFA and FIFA. Through the decades, multiple players dazzled with their performances. Here, we highlight the greatest Albanian football players […]

Panajot Pano: Albanian “Golden” Player

Many consider Panajot Pano (1939-2010) the greatest Albanian football player. His precise strikes, powerful headers, and slick maneuvers turned him into the most prolific center-forward of Albanian domestic football. Specialists still consider him the most impeccable Albanian player ever. Early Career Panajot Pano was born in the seaside city of Durrës but grew as a footballer in the ranks of […]

Devoll River: A Dynamic Waterway & Cultural Influencer

The Devoll River steams from the Gramoz mountain in southeastern Albania, close to the Greek-Albanian border. Devoll is 196 km (122 mi) long from its source to its joint point with the Osum River. Along with Osum, Devoll is one of the two main source rivers of the Seman river. The Course Of The Devoll River Mollas is the first […]

Ulza: A Friendly Town and Stunning Eco-Park

Ulza (or Ulëz) is a small charming town in the municipality of Mat in north-central Albania. This village occupies an acropolis-like plateau overlooking Ulza Lake, a water formation created by the nearby Ulëz Hydroelectric Power Station’s Dam. The town of Ulza stands within the Ulza Regional Nature Park, where ecotourism has emerged quite rapidly in recent years. The credentials of […]

Kukës Arena: A Modern & Stylish Stadium

Kukës Arena is a stadium in the northern Albanian city of Kukës. It is used primarily for football matches as the home ground of local club FK Kukësi. The stadium can also host international games as it fulfills the required international standards. A Short History of the Venue The first major reconstruction of the stadium began in July 2010. At […]

Fatmir Frashëri: The Agile Right-Back Who Excelled With KF Tirana

Fatmir Frashëri (1941-2019) is one of the best fullbacks to play for the Albanian national football (soccer) team. He is still considered one of the best right-backs in the history of Albanian football. Unfortunately, he belonged to a lost generation of footballers who suffered setbacks and isolation under the Albanian communist regime. Early Career Frashëri started his football journey with […]

Zvërnec: The Coastal Pearl Of The Adriatic Sea

The attractive coastal village of Zvërnec stands 14 km (8.7 mi) away from the port city of Vlora in southern Albania. It stands in the middle of a beautiful natural habitat with the forest of Soda south and the Narta Lagoon east and north. Since 2015, Zvërnec has been part of the Vlorë municipality. The houses of Zvërnec occupy the […]