Ptolemy I of Epirus: The true ruler of Epirus in Pyrrhus’ absence

Ptolemy, commonly known as Ptolemy I of Epirus, was the son of Pyrrhus I of Epirus (r. 302-296; 297-272 B.C.E.) and Antigone. His father was the famous Pyrrhus, who fought the Romans and Carthaginians. As for his mother, she was the daughter of Berenice and a Macedonian nobleman named Philip; Berenice later married Ptolemy I Soter (r. 305-282 B.C.E.), the […]

Gjergj I Balsha: Marking the Zenith of the Balsha Principality

Gjergj I Balsha (George I Balsha; r. 1372-1379) was the most important of the three heirs of Balsha I. In his stamps, attested in Ragusan documents of 1373 and 1379, Gjergj Balsha writes his name (in Cyrillic letters) as Gjorga I Balshe. The name appears in the same manner on coins of that same era. Gjergj Balsha succeeded his brother-turned-monk […]

Loro Boriçi Stadium: A Key Sports Venue in Northern Albania

Loro Boriçi stadium is a multi-purpose sports venue located in the northern Albanian city of Shkodra. It primarily hosts football (soccer) matches, namely the home matches of KF Vllaznia (the most popular football club in northern Albania). This venue is the second largest stadium in Albania. The Upgrade Of Loro Boriçi Stadium The first construction works for the main stadium […]

Strazimir I Balsha: Expander of the Balsha Principality

Strazimir I Balsha (r. 1362-1372) was the son and immediate successor of Balsha I (the attested founder of the Albanian Balsha principality). He ruled over the Balsha principality for one expansionist decade. His two other brothers, Gjergj I (George I Balsha) and Balsha II Balsha assisted him in governance, forming a medieval tetrarchy. In his early years, the territories ruled […]

“Niko Dovana” Stadium: Durrës’ Main Sports Venue

Niko Dovana stadium is the largest sports facility in the coastal city of Durrës, Albania. It mainly hosts football matches and serves as the home ground of the local team KF Teuta. The stadium has a total seated capacity of 12,040, making it currently the sixth largest in Albania. A running track intended for athletes surrounds the football pitch. A […]

Balsha I: The Founder of the Medieval Principality of the Balshas

Balsha I (thrived and ruled circa 1331-1362) was the earliest attested noble of the notable medieval Balsha family. He was the founder of the Balsha principality, an independent state with territories corresponding to current Montenegro and northern Albania. At times, Balsha state stretched into the southern tip of Bosnia and Croatia, across south Albania and Kosova. Life in the region […]

Elbasan Arena: An Essential Sports Infrastructure

Elbasan Arena is a stadium located in the city of Elbasan. It commonly hosts football matches of the Albanian national football team and KF Elbasani (football club). A Short Story of the Venue Elbasan Arena, constructed in 1967, was a small, modest stadium. It was then called Ruzhdi Bizhuta in honor of one of the most notable players of KF […]

Lorik Cana: Albania’s Best Football Defender & Captain

Lorik Cana remains one of the most accomplished players to wear Albania’s national jersey. Coming from Prishtinë in Kosovo, Cana was one of the first Albanians from Kosova to star for the Albanian national team. He was a member of a family noted in sports. His father, Agim Cana, had been a notable football player. Cana’s Early Career At a […]

Baks-Rrjoll: A Small Town Gifted With Great Natural Wonders

The village of Baks-Rrjoll is in the southeastern part of Velipoja town, 30 km (19 miles) away from Shkodra. It occupies a versatile coastal habitat filled with natural dunes, alluvial forests, temporary ponds, wetlands, agricultural lands, and a sandy beach.  The main natural highlights in the Baks-Rrjoll area are the lofty and low mountain of Rrenci and the Lagoon of […]

Dardhë: An Inspiring Village That Defines Regional History

The village of Dardhë (or Dardha) sits at an impressive altitude of 1,344 meters above sea level (4,409 feet). This town stands in-between mountains filled with forests, paths, and creeks. Thus, Dardha represents an ideal winter destination. Only 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the southeastern city of Korça, Dardhë has its uncontested place in all local tourist guides.  Dardhë Inspired […]