Tharypas: The Competent King of the Molossians in Epirus

Tharypas was king of the Molossians in Epirus from at least 429 B.C.E. to 385 B.C.E. He was the son of king Admetus (whom he succeeded; the same one who sheltered Themistocles), and Phthia I. The reign of Tharypas marks a long period of alliance between Epirus and Athens, with the additional purpose of checking the rising power of Macedon. […]

Naim Kryeziu: The Iconic Albanian Calciatore

Naim Kryeziu is, no doubt, the best Albanian right winger in history. Kryeziu belongs to the same generation of talented Albanian footballers as Riza Lushta. He played for notable clubs such as SK Tirana (now current KF Tirana; on and off during 1934-1939), A.S. Roma (1939-1947), and S.S.C. Napoli (1947-1953). Early Career Naim Kryeziu was born in the charming town […]

Skënderbeu Stadium: A Welcoming Venue in Korçë  

Skënderbeu Stadium is in the city of Korçë, at Gjergj Kastrioti road, 7001. It belongs to the local team of KF Skënderbeu. The stadium includes a small covered stand, 105×68 meters (344×223 ft.) football pitch made of natural grass, and an athletic track.  Facts from the pre-90s era  Skënderbeu Stadium opened in 1957. The local team achieved its first victory […]

Altin Haxhi: Agile left-back of Albania

Altin Haxhi (1975) is one of the best left-backs to have played for the Albanian team. He started his professional career with KS Luftetari, the biggest club in the southern city of Gjirokastra. Early Career Haxhi grew up as a footballer in the ranks of his hometown team KS Luftetari, then carrying the old name Shqiponja. He joined the youth […]

Arybbas of Epirus: An exiled king honored by Athens

Arybbas was king of the Molossians and Epirus circa 360-350 B.C.E. He was the son of Alcetas I (r. 389-388; 385-370) and brother of Neoptolemus I (r. 370-360). Arybbas was a Molossian (the largest tribe in Epirus) and a member of the royal house of the Aeacidae. He likely co-ruled Epirus or specific regions of it during the reign of […]

Altin Lala: The Energetic Midfielder from Albania

Many consider Altin Lala one of the most consistent footballers to ever play for Albania. Lala possessed all the qualities that make up an excellent defensive midfielder, despite having a short height of only 1.72 meters (5’8). Such traits included abundant energy, remarkable pace, intelligent positioning, confident tackling, decisive interceptions, and even morale-boosting charisma. Early Career Altin Lala was born […]