Fterra: The Peculiar Village Watching Over The Albanian Riviera

Fterra is a peculiar and intriguing village situated in the interior of the southern Albanian Riviera. It stands at the foot of the Fterra mountain, some 200-250 meters (656-820 miles) above sea level. The location belongs to the Lower Kurvelesh region, some 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northeast of the coastal town of Borsh. As of 2015, the village is part […]

Lin Village: The Precious Gem in the Ohrid Lake

Lin is a small, picturesque village on an isthmus washed by the waters of the Ohrid lake. It is easily accessible along the Elbasan-Lin-Pogradec road. This fishing village offers a chilling, relaxing, and charming atmosphere that inspires and rejuvenates visitors. With its simplicity, Lin lets nature speak first and awaits artists and tourists who seek new inspiring images and memories. […]

Loro Boriçi: A National Football Legend & Champion

Loro Boriçi (1922-1984) is one of the most important figures of Albanian football. Boriçi remains one of the most productive, prolific, and intelligent forwards in Albanian football history. He was also one of the most versatile football players to play for Albania and a true pioneer of modern, techno-tactical football. He was a great organizer with a broad vision of […]

Lëpushë: A Sublime Town at the Core of the Albanian Alps

Lëpushë is one of the most charming mountainous villages in Albania. It is located 1,270 meters above sea level (4,167 feet), deep into the northern Albanian Alps. The surroundings are spectacular, dotted by the Alpine trees and plants of the Sheniku block, part of a wide area called Bjeshkët e Nemuna (Accursed Mountains). The Journey To Lëpushë The village of […]