Fatmir Frashëri: The Agile Right-Back Who Excelled With KF Tirana

Fatmir Frashëri (1941-2019) is one of the best fullbacks to play for the Albanian national football (soccer) team. He is still considered one of the best right-backs in the history of Albanian football. Unfortunately, he belonged to a lost generation of footballers who suffered setbacks and isolation under the Albanian communist regime. Early Career Frashëri started his football journey with […]

Zvërnec: The Coastal Pearl Of The Adriatic Sea

The attractive coastal village of Zvërnec stands 14 km (8.7 mi) away from the port city of Vlora in southern Albania. It stands in the middle of a beautiful natural habitat with the forest of Soda south and the Narta Lagoon east and north. Since 2015, Zvërnec has been part of the Vlorë municipality. The houses of Zvërnec occupy the […]

Qemal Vogli: The All-time Finest Albanian Goalkeeper

Many consider Qemal Vogli (1929-2004) the best Albanian goalkeeper ever. He was born in the small city of Kavajë, where he made his first steps in football. At 1.87 meters tall (6.1 feet), the notable goalkeeper was imposing enough to stand at the foundation of a good, solid defense. Vogli had the same age as the famous Russian goalkeeper Lev […]

Shkumbin River: The Fertile & Ancient Valley of Central Albania

Shkumbini river steams from the Valamara mountain range in southeastern Albania. This important waterway is 181 km (112 miles) from its source to its delta in the Adriatic Sea. Despite suffering from pollution, the river still offers some picturesque sites. Such spots include natural marvels such as cataracts, small caves, rock formations, and beaches along the river banks.  The Shkumbin […]

Bënjë, Përmet: An Amazing Location in Southeastern Albania

Bënjë, Përmet, (or Bënja) is a unique, small, and peculiar village in southern Albania. The village stands in a strategic elevated place that controls the gorge of the Langarica river and canyon. The few, silent houses of Bënja cut almost vertically into the mountain side upon which they stand. Their strict rectangular shapes resemble more medieval fortified towers rather than […]