Second Illyrian War: Rome’s Show of Force in Eastern Front

The Second Illyrian War was fought between the Romans and the Illyrians in 219 B.C.E. This war took place nine years after the First Illyrian War when the Romans first established a foothold on the Illyrian coast. As such, the Second Illyrian War was in continuation with the Roman expansion east of the Apennines.  Before the War Rome before the […]

Albanian Canyons: Top 10 Canyons to Traverse in Albania

Among many natural attractions across the country, Albanian canyons provide lots of opportunities for travelers in search of unique adventurers. In this piece, we highlight Albania’s most attractive canyons; raising awareness in favor of the preservation of such formations. 1. Osum Canyon The majestic canyon of Osum River is the largest in the country, rightfully deemed “Albania’s Grand Canyon”. It […]

Ancient Rhizon: A Typical Illyrian City and Royal Residence

The ancient city of Rhizon (corresponding to modern Risan in Montenegro) was located on the northernmost inlet of the modern Gulf of Kotor. This gulf was the one that the Venetians called the “Bocche di Cattaro” and what the Romans called the “Sinus Rhizonicus”. This gulf clearly took the name of the most important city on its shore; that city […]

Albanian Painters: Names of Top Historic Painters You Ought to Know

Works of Albanian painters are often overlooked by critics though many of them deserve special credit. In their work throughout history, Albanian painters have challenged decades of oppression and censorship to deliver the best artworks to their audiences; below are some short bios of Albania’s most resilient and remarkable painters-ranked in no particular order. 1. Kolë Idromeno (1860-1939) Kolë Idromeno […]

Battle of Heraclea: The Romans Find Their Match

The Battle of Heraclea was fought in 280 B.C.E., between the forces commanded by Pyrrhus of Epirus and those of the Roman Republic led by consul Publius Valerius Laevinus. This battle was the first of the three major battles the renowned Epirote general fought against the Romans. It was also the first instance when the Romans encountered war elephants in […]

Cleopatra Eurydice: A Queen in the Midst of Plots and Intrigues

Cleopatra Eurydice was the last of the seven wives of king Philip of Macedon. She was a member of a noble family from the lower/coastal Macedon. Some then and many later believed that Philip’s marriage with Cleopatra threatened Alexander’s royal inheritance.  Cleopatra and her family were relative newcomers to the Argead court. However, her descent was held in high esteem. […]

Petrela: A Fascinating Castle in Tirana County

Petrela Castle is one of the most valuable attractions in Tirana county. It’s an original but small Medieval fortress that rises over a smooth hill range.  Location The castle of Petrela is located southeast of Tirana, over a rocky hill some 400 meters (1,312 feet) above sea level. The road into the castle is straightforward; after traveling from Tirana center […]

Scerdilaidas: The History of a Master and Commander

Scerdilaidas was king of the Illyrian state of the Ardiaei during 218-206 B.C.E. Prior to his accession to the throne, he made a formidable career in the Illyrian military and in the Ardiaean court. Scerdilaidas was likely a brother or cousin of king Agron of the Ardiaei, who ruled during 250 – 231 B.C.E. During Agron’s rule, the Ardiaean state […]