Albanian Caves: Top 10 Caves to Enter in Albania

Among many natural treasures in Albania are also caves, found in many places and in different forms. Albanian caves remain largely unexplored; however, in recent years they have attracted many visitors.  1. The Black Cave of Pëllumbas / Shpella e Zezë e Pëllumbasit The Black Cave of Pëllumbas is 25 kilometers (15 miles) southeast of Tirana, on the left side […]

Teuta: Queen of Illyria Who Challenged the Romans

Teuta was the queen of Ardiaei during the short but intense period 231-228 B.C.E. The Ardiaean state was the most powerful monarchy among the Illyrians. We know nothing about Teuta’s early life. She was born around 260, in an Illyrian royal household. At some point, she married Agron, then king of Ardiaei. The latter’s domain extended from river Narona (current […]

Adea Eurydice: The Teen Queen Who Shook an Empire

Adea Eurydice was born sometime between 338-335 B.C.E., to Amyntas IV, son of Perdiccas III, and Cynane, daughter of Philip II’s wife, Audata. She grew up without a father since, soon after birth, the newly crowned king Alexander III had Amyntas executed. Her mother Cynane, herself of Illyrian origin, dealt carefully with her education. Adea’s lessons, unlike those of other […]

Albanian Museums: Top 10 Museums to Visit in Albania

Have you ever wondered what’s on display in the Albanian museums? This piece offers a sneak-peak into Albania’s most important museums; check out this list of top Albanian museums. 1. National History Museum / Muzeu Historik Kombëtar (Tirana) The National Museum of History is a central attraction of Albanian capital Tirana. It’s the most important and largest museum in the […]

Olympias of Epirus: The Surreal Story of a King’s Mother

Olympias of Epirus was born around 375 B.C.E. with the name Myrtale. She was the daughter of the Molossian king Neoptolemus in Epirus, part of the Aeacidae royal house. As for her mother, she is absent from sources, but some scholars have suggested that she was a Chaonian princess, in northwestern Epirus. This match makes sense when considering the Molossians’ […]

Albanian Paintings: Top 10 Masterpieces to Discover in Albania

Albanian paintings date back since ancient times but names of artists appear only during Medieval times. From then this art has developed with interruptions and suppression, with iconic paintings leaving their marks in national identity; here are the top Albanian paintings of all times.  1. Sister Tone (Motra Tone), 1883 – Kolë Idromeno (1860-1939) The portrait “Motra Tone” is Albania’s […]