Albanian Natural Parks: Top 10 Natural Parks to Visit in Albania

Albanian Natural Parks are among the most beautiful in the Balkans. Also, Albania is among the European countries with the largest protected surfaces per overall surface. Among many, these are top 10 must-visit Albanian Natural Parks. 1. Divjakë-Karavasta The national park Divjakë-Karavasta in west-central Albania is the largest lagunar area in Albania. It consists of four lagoons with a combined […]

Albanian Archaeological Parks: Top 10 Ancient Sites to Explore in Albania

Albanian archaeological parks are among must-visit attractions in Albania. Almost all of them date back at least to Antiquity revealing artifacts of a sophisticated civilization. The following are our top 10 picks of Albanian archaeological parks. 1. Pojan / Apollonia Apollonia is one of the richest archaeological centers in Albania. Standing on a landscape not harmed by human urbanization, the […]

Illyrian Kings: A Handbook on Illyrian Monarchy; Main Rulers and Dynasties.

Illyrian kings are mentioned in few literal sources, even those written by ancient Greek and Roman authors, thus external and often hostile to Illyrians. As such, their names come up only in events concerning the Hellenes or Romans themselves. The absence of written records in Illyrian language (recognized as a spoken language) leaves inherent gaps in political developments that would […]

Albanian Road Trip: Top 10 Itineraries to Drive Through in Albania

Taking an Albanian road trip is an authentic way to explore Albania. The road infrastructure of the country lacks proper standards but you can still discover some amazing itineraries and interesting places along the way. Here are the best itineraries you can drive in Albania. 1. Coastal Road of Albanian Riviera (73 km/ 45 mi) The coastal road along the […]

Dyrrachium: Port & Gateway between West & East

Dyrrachium (or Dyrrhachium) refers to the ancient city that flourished on the territory of the current coastal city of Durrës in Albania. The name is formed by the root “Dyrrach” followed either by the typical Latin suffix “ium”. Before appearing in Latin sources it appeared in ancient Greek literature as “Dyrrachion” (“Dyrrach” + the typical ancient Greek suffix “ion”). In […]

Albanian Cities: Top 10 Cities to Visit in Albania

Albanian cities, apart from the capital of Tirana, are relatively small. Thus, they can offer adequate modern amenities to inhabitants while still preserving the charm of their cultural heritage. There are numerous Albanian cities you can visit: here are our top ten choices.  1. Tirana Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania. This vibrant city has a lot […]

Dimal: An Intriguing City Where Civilizations Clashed

The Illyrian city of Dimal (or Dimallum) was apparently founded sometime during the first half of the IV-th century B.C.E. However, Hammond (1968) credits Pyrrhus of Epirus or his successors for the foundation of Dimal. The Epirote ruler may have established a city here sometime in 290 B.C.E. The theory that credits Pyrrhus with the foundation of Dimal deserves attention […]