Albanian Castles: Top 10 Castles to Visit in Albania

Albanian castles are among the oldest in the Balkans. Countless old castles and fortifications pop up across the country, best representing its rich heritage; here is a breakdown of Albania’s most important castles. 1. Castle of Kruja Castle of Kruja is one of the most visited cultural sites in Albania. This mighty fortress served as the epicenter of Gjergj Castriot’s […]

Albanian Heritage: Top 10 Historic Bridges to Cross in Albania

Albanian heritage is rich in historic and cultural monuments of different types and from different eras. Historic bridges make up an interesting part of this heritage; find out Albania’s most iconic bridges and what makes them special. 1. Ura e Mesit Ura e Mesit (“Mesi Bridge”) is located in the village of Mes, about 5 km (about 3 miles) northeast […]

Albanian Lakes: Top 10 Lakes to Visit in Albania

Albanian lakes are among the largest in the Balkans, although some are split between the neighboring states. These beautiful water bodies offer some stunning views, tourist activities, and attractive ecosystems; Albania’s top ten lakes to visit are as follows.  1. Lake Shkodra (368 sq. km/ 142 sq. mi) Lake of Shkodra is the largest lake in southern Europe, with a […]

Albanian Mountains: Top 10 Mountains to Climb in Albania

Albanian mountains are numerous, high, and diverse. Albania is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe; among many beautiful and interesting peaks, here are the top ten mountains to climb in Albania.  1. Jezerca (2694 m/ 8839 feet) Jezerca is the second highest peak in Albania, the highest in the Albanian Alps and the Dinaric Alps, and sixth highest […]

Albanian Beaches: Top 10 Beaches to Vacation in Albania

Albanian beaches are some of the most beautiful yet unexplored coastal areas in the Balkans. The long stretch of Albanian coastline, washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, offers some stunning Mediterranean beaches; below we list Albania’s most amazing and unique beaches. 1. Gjipe Gjipe Beach stands at the extreme of a magnificent canyon serving as the only link between […]